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Liven Up Your Tablescape


At Rommy & Co. we are passionate about enabling you to create beautiful designer tablescapes in your own home. Our flagship product range of premium silicone placemats are not only designed to look beautiful and frame your culinary creations, but are also practical and easy to use and maintain on a daily basis. Our placemats are the first of their kind and make the art of tablescaping accessible to all. Our designs come from Rommy’s lifelong passion and experience in catering and hospitality, and her goal is to inspire you to create amazing tablescapes that will leave your dinner guests in awe!

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Rommy’s Story


Rommy’s inspiration comes largely from her extensive background in food and hospitality. Her journey through this career path started long ago. Having majored in hotel management in Switzerland, she embarked on an impressive career which involved working at 5 star hotels in Switzerland, New Zealand, the Philippines and Korea. Throughout her career, she has gained a wealth of experience as a hotelier, cooking instructor, table coordinator, flower cake designer, and tablescape stylist, including starting 'Rommy's Table' hospitality culinary classes in Tokyo, Japan. However, during a tough time in her personal life, Rommy wanted to find a way to continue with her career and stay within the world of food and hospitality, while also giving her the time she needs to commit to her family and personal commitments, including bringing up her son. This led her to form Rommy & Co., and her vision for the future is to support others with special gifts and abilities like her son. 

Rommy’s Comment


Tablescaping is my passion and I created Rommy & Co so that I can pass that passion on to you!

As the age-old saying goes “you eat with your eyes first”, and I believe that making your food look beautiful goes beyond the dish itself. This is the inspiration behind my products, and my goal is to allow you to give your guests an exquisite culinary experience by crafting wonderful tablescapes in your own home. Rommy & Co. appreciates all of our customers and fans for joining us on our journey to create a beautiful dining table experience.  In time we will introduce more tablescaping products to our range, allowing you to bring even more joy to your friends and family at home!

Founder of Rommy & Co.

Rommy Goshozono


Any feedback and recommendations about our products are most welcome. It helps us grow in our endeavors.

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