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Korean seaweed roll, Bulgogi Kimbap by Rommy's Recipes

Bulgogi Kimbap is one of the most popular Korean seaweed rice rolls. It is easy to make, delicious to eat and beautiful to look at. It makes a perfect picnic food, lunchbox item and party food. Full of healthy and savoury flavour! In Korea, Kimbap is continuously evolving.

It’s mainly to do with the filings. I haven’t tried many new varieties yet but next time I visit Korea I will be fully focused on educating myself to these new varieties! (So looking forward to it already!) One unique thing about Kimbap is that, unlike sushi rolls that are often accompanied with soy sauce and wasabi paste, there is no Kimbap sauce. With so many different fillings inside there’s no need for the additional dipping sauce. It’s full of salty, sweet and savoury surprise!

I hope you enjoy my Bulgogi Kimbap recipe!

Click photo for full recipe or below link!

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