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Vegan Couscous Salad by Rommy's Recipes

Full recipe is at;

It's filled with assorted beans and peas and plenty of vegetables, including cucumber and fresh tomatos in a light lime, and olive oil. This couscous salad is made from all vegetarian and vegan ingredients, and with less than 300 calories per serving, it is also a low-calorie meal. It's perfect for vegetarians and vegans since the assorted beans and peas add a nice protein boost. This couscous dish might be nice with a bit of Parmesan cheese on top or mix with diced Feta cheese if you aren't eating vegan. Though this recipe is vegetarian and vegan, it is not gluten-free, since couscous contains wheat. If you'd like to try a gluten-free version, just use quinoa instead, and adjust the cooking time for the quinoa. This super simple dish takes just minutes to prepare and is endlessly adaptable to your favourite vegetables or whatever leftover veggies you happen to have languishing in your fridge. SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more recipes!

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